REAL looks ahead to “Brandt Center 2.0”

The Regina Exhibition Association is taking the next step towards a revamped Brandt Center.

Public engagement has begun with REAL seeking input on the future of the facility – through an online survey. Customer experience and the way the facility is used are the focus of the survey.

Tim Reid – President and CEO of REAL says the Brandt center facility needs to evolve in order remain competitive.

“The opportunities around arts, culture, entertainment sport, people demand those. Those are basics of a quality of life today. We need to be sure we are not competing at 1977 level, but we’re competing for the next 50 years of city building.”

The Arena Planning Strategy Committee in conjunction with REAL is set to use the results of this public survey in a proposal to city council in June. Reid says there are 5 potential sites that are being considered for “Brandt Center 2.0”. One option being weighed is a remodel of the existing facility. The Brandt center was built in 1977 and is in need of some major improvements. A move Reid said would have to be considered from an investment perspective.

The APSC is also considering a move of the Brandt center to the railyard in the warehouse district, along with three other undisclosed sites in downtown Regina.

The results of this survey will be released in February, with a second more in depth survey happening in March. From that point Reid says the ASPC will begin looking at what a mid sized arena would look like for Regina. A 10,000 seat arena with a $100 million dollar price tag is not unrealistic for the city says Reid.

REAL officials will be available to answer questions about the future of the facility at the main concourse of cooperators center January 18th from 5-7PM and at the Cornwall Center January 20th from noon-2pm.

The survey can be taken here




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