Police recover stolen vehicle, three individuals charged involving theft and stolen property

Three individuals are facing numerous charges in connection with a series of incidents that involve theft and stolen property.

On Saturday, Police located a stolen Grey Acura that they have been trying to recover since November.

The vehicle was identified on the 800 block of Garnet Street.

A woman driver and man passenger were arrested without the incident, moments later two passengers were also arrested.

There was a quantity of property in the vehicle, some of it appeared to be brand new.

An investigation led to Police identifying the vehicle had been used in at least four crimes.

One of the man passengers was released without charge while the other three individuals are facing charges.

37 year old Gwendolyn Worm of Regina is facing charges for possession of a stolen auto along with numerous possession of stolen property charges. Worm also had warrants from previous charges. She appeared in provincial court in Regina yesterday.

35 year old Trent Machiskinic and 47 year old Terrance Dustyhorn are facing possession of stolen property charges.

Both will appearing in court on February 23.

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