Despite rising cases – provincial hospitalizations remain low

The Omicron variant of Covid-19 is spreading and despite the rise in cases – the province’s hospitals are seeing relatively low numbers of hospitalized patients from Covid-19. More than 4621 cases were reported in December of 2021 with only 65 or 1.4 percent requiring hospitalization.

Today the province reported 1027 new cases of Covid-19, of the new cases 378 are in the Saskatoon region and 224 are in the Regina area, 71 are in the central east region.

Currently there  are 121 patients in hospital testing positive for the virus, this includes 11 patients in the ICU – a number that has remained constant over the last few weeks.

Continuing with the positive outlook at the days ahead- vaccination numbers continue to rise- 1301 new doses were administered, with 906 residents now being fully vaccinated.

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