A new media campaign takes on domestic violence and abuse

A new media campaign has launched province wide with the aim raising awareness around interpersonal violence and abuse.

The campaign focuses on social attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that contribute to interpersonal violence and abuse. The central theme of the campaign is “Face the Issue” and is meant to build awareness around the different forms that abuse can take. Starting today the campaign can be seen on television stations and social media platforms province wide.

This is only part of a larger strategy to make Saskatchewan a safer community and bring interpersonal violence to the front of public awareness. 2021 saw amendments to the residential tenancies act supporting victims enabling them to terminate their leases without paying financial penalties, and enhancing privacy legislation to expand ways to stop the non consensual distribution of intimate images.

Saskatchewan’s Abuse and interpersonal violence portal facetheissue.ca has been enhanced and provides access to resources information and support.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence visit www.facetheissue.ca to learn what you can do

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