U of R to Dispose of unstable lab chemicals

A recent inventory check at the university of Regina revealed that bottles of chemicals stored in science labs have degraded to the point that they pose a potential explosive hazard if disturbed.

With safety as the main concern the University consulted with Regina Police services to determine the best way in which to dispose of the dangerous chemicals.

A planned disposal of these chemicals will take place on campus January 7th. A controlled detonation in a remote unpopulated area of campus will be carried out.

Members of the public are asked to avoid coming to the University’s main campus, as the area will be closed in preperation and during the disposal.

the process may result in loud noises which will be audible from some distance.

The U of R uses the chemicals for teaching and research purposes – and while the majority of these chemicals do not present a health or explosive risk, health and safety protocols will be in place during the handling and dispoal.

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