Funding to help improve traffic safety in 92 communities

The provincial government wants Saskatchewan roadways to be safer – and they are helping fund that vision.

1.8 million dollars is finding it’s way to 92 communities across the province. The funding comes by way of the provioncial traffic safety fund, an initiative put in place in 2019 with the aim to improve safety on Saskatchewan roadways. In the 3 years since the program was created, over 407 traffic safety projects have been funded at a cost of 5 million dollars.

The provincial traffic safety fund grants are awarded to communities twice a year,  and are partially funded by proceeds from photo radar enforcement.

The funding will be used to help communities manage speed, improve school zone safety, and install pedestrian crosswalks in rural urban and indigenous communities across the province.

Applications are now being accepted for the next round of funding – the deadline for applications is March 31st.

For more information visit SGI’s Website.

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