City of Regina starting residential snow plowing next week

Starting in the new year, city crews will be snowplowing over 530 kilometres of residential roads.

On Monday work to keep streets clear will continue as crews begin a Residential Roads Snow Plow of Category 5 streets. Streets will be plowed between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. every day until they are completed. The City anticipates this to take 11 days.

The Residential Roads Snow Plow is taking place after changes were made to the City’s Winter Maintenance policy. Beginning this winter, residential roads are plowed after 15 centimetres of snowfall, as compared to 25 centimetres. This improvement means that more streets will be plowed more often, making it easier to travel around our community.

The City is asking residents to help crews get the job done by following these tips:

Know when your neighbourhood is going to be plowed

  • We have divided the community into sectors. Check the schedule on to find out when crews will be plowing in your sector.
  • Some sectors have been split into more than one plow day to ensure waste collection pickups are not affected. Check the schedule carefully.
  • The schedule could change depending on weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Check the schedule frequently.
  • Watch for the electronic message boards in your neighbourhood.

Move your vehicle

  • On your plow day, please do not park on the street between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Be neighbourly and offer to share your driveway when possible.
  • This allows safer and more effective plowing operations as we don’t have to work around vehicles on the road.
  • Crews will not come back to plow if vehicles have not been moved.

Expect snow ridges

  • Snow ridges will be left along the curb and around vehicles parked on the street.
  • While all efforts are made to minimize snow ridges, the result is dependent on the amount of snow being plowed and the number of parked vehicles or obstacles the equipment must plow around

Be safe

  • Use caution while travelling city roads and near snow equipment.
  • Stay back at least 15 metres – or 3.5 car lengths – from the equipment.
  • For your safety and the safety of crews, if you see a group of graders and trucks working in a staggered


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