City of Regina looking back on 2021 as successful year for economic growth

2021 was a very successful year for economic growth for the City of Regina and they are hoping it will carry over into the new year.

Some of the highlights included $3 billion  of private investment within the area, with the agricultural technology sector containing projects expected to lead the area in economic growth for years to come including the Viterra and Cargill crushing plants, Red Leaf Pulp and the CO-OP refinery diesel expansion project.

This past year also saw the city enter into separate memorandum of understandings with the Regina Airport Authority and the Carry the Kettle First Nation along with extended working relationships with RM of Sherwood and the Cowessess First Nation.

With the COVID-19 pandemic carrying over into 2020, the City invested into local and mid-sized businesses with Regina Economic Recovery Grant program.

Since August, more than $1.7 million in matching grants have helped out 319 local businesses to adapt or transform their operations in response to the pandemic.

Streamlining and modernizing building and development permits to provide better service to the community was another achievement for the city’s economic growth.

Regina now has some of the fastest building permit review timeline for smaller projects in Western Canada.

To end off the year, City Council repealed the intensification levy, described by some as a barrier to economic development.

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