Meili Calls on Moe to “Stand up” and Address the Omicron Wave

Today NDP leader Ryan Meili called upon the Saskatchewan Party and Scott Moe to “Stand up” to the rise in the Omicron Variant across the province.
“were seeing the Omicron variant take off in Saskatchewan and leadership is nowhere to be found. We can’t expect COVID to adhere to the Premiere’s holiday schedule, ” remarked Meili during a zoom conference Monday.
Meili says that modeling has shown an exponential increase in the variant in other provinces.
“We have the ability to look to other provinces and see how quickly Omicron has spread. Saskatchewan still has the lowest vaccination rate and if Omicron were to spread rapidly, as it has in other provinces, the sheer number of cases could have a devastating impact on our health care system,” said Meili.
 “We can’t just sit on our hands. We need clear direction. We need this government to stop playing politics with the health and safety of the people of this province and to listen to sound medical advice.”
The premiere is expected to address these numbers and the province’s strategy going forward on December 30th.

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