Latest spring run-off forecast in Sask to be average or below average

Parts of central and northern Saskatchewan could be in for more precipitation than normal this winter.

However, the Water Security Agency predicts spring runoff will be average, or even below average, in the spring.

The predictions are contained in the Agency’s 2021 Conditions at Freeze-up Report.

The report says soil moisture conditions in most agricultural regions of the province are drier than normal.

The driest spots are in the central part of the province around Saskatoon, and in an area extending southwest towards Rosetown, down through Leader and on to the Maple Creek area.

Water supplies are described as adequate in reservoirs across southern and central Saskatchewan.

However, some farmers who rely on smaller reservoirs or dugouts will be impacted by the dry conditions.

The report predicts the risk of above normal spring runoff as low across the grain belt, due to the dry conditions at freeze-up.

The agency will issue its spring runoff outlook for 2022 in early February.

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