Safety reminders when snowmobiling

Making sure you know where you’re going and using the interactive map on the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association’s website are some of the tips Executive Director, Leah Switzer has for those hitting the trails this winter.

Switzer says ensuring you have the appropriate clothes for the winter is important and wearing a helmet is a must.

“Take something to start a fire, some provisions for food just in case you get stranded out there stuck over night.”

Switzer also reminds snowmobilers to make sure their snowmobile is registered.

“Registering your snowmobile at an SGI issuer provides you with $200 thousand third-party liability so it means you have protection in case you cause property damage or injuries to someone else.”

It’s illegal to snowmobile off private property if a machine isn’t registered.

Switzer reminds snowmobilers to be mindful of their speeds and to adjust for different terrains and to also be aware of open bodies of water.

More information about snowmobiling can be found on the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association’s website

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