Gather for the Holidays – But do so Safely says the SHA

The Saskatchewan Health Association is not ringing alarm bells over the Omicron variant just yet. Opting instead to encourage Saskatchewan residents to gather with caution.

Dr. Saquib Shabab says Saskatchewan residents can gather in small groups for the holidays – but should do so with caution.

The Omicron variant is gaining traction slowly in the province – Dr. Shabab says it will likely become the dominant strain soon.

With the usage of good quality masks, increased ventilation, and reducing close contacts by 50% Shabab says we can protect our most vulnerable residents, and avoid a huge climb in Covid cases across the province.

President of the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency Marlo Pritchard also recommended residents to pickup rapid test kits – and use those in advance of holiday gatherings.

A list of locations where the free test-kits can be picked up is available via

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