NDP: Give the Excess Autofund Reserve to Saskatchewan People SGI

The NDP wants SGI to give more money to the people of Saskatchewan – in the form of another SGI rebate.

Aleana Young, Official Opposition Critic for SGI  and Trent Wotherspoon, Official Opposition Critic for finance, are calling upon the Saskatchewan Party government to provide rebates of $250 to each SGI policy Holder.

“This has been a difficult year for so many Saskatchewan families,” said Young. “Saskatchewan people are paying too much for their car insurance. The Very least the Sask. Party can do is give the excess cash back to the people of Saskatchewan.”

SGI’s mid-year report showed that the Rate Stabilization Reserve (RSR) has grown to nearly 1.3 billion dollars, and has increased nearly six-fold since 2014.

“Saskatchewan families and people are facing significant hardship. Inflation in prices are eroding the financial stability of Saskatchewan families,” Said Wotherspoon.

Saskatchewan currently has one of the lowest minimum wages in the country, and the rate of Saskatchewan mortgage arears continues to lead the nation.

“These are dollars that belong to Saskatchewan people,” Wotherspoon said, “Even after last year’s rebate- which the Sask. Party only implemented after we called for it – Saskatchewan people are struggling with the rising cost of living”

Young and Wotherspoon went on to suggest the government comply with the recommendations of the Rate Review Panel to reduce rates for SGI Policyholders, justify targets for the RSR, and provide greater levels of transparency.


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