Saskatchewan expanding booster dose program to include everyone 18 and older

Premier Scott Moe announced on Thursday that Saskatchewan will be expanding its COVID-19 booster program to include all individuals 18 and up who are three months removed from their second dose of vaccine.

That will take effect December 20th.

To date, the province says the uptake of booster and third doses for all eligible residents is 38 percent, with more than 159,649 administered.

Vaccines remain widely available at clinics and pharmacies across the province.

Residents are also recommending that they picked up the rapid test kits that are widely available tp the public free of charge. Moe says that the rapid test kits are a vital tool against COVID-19. “It’s a line of defence effective at slowing the spread of all COVID variants in particular the Omicron variant are facing today and will in the weeks ahead.”

With the new international flight advisory issued by the federal government, Saskatchewan residents are advised to abide by all local public health orders when travelling and will be expected to comply by testing procedures upon arrival and departure.

The Premier believes with the current protocols in place, we won’t be issuing travel advisory of his own. “Testing before you get on a plane, ultimately testing upon your return to Canada with the added advice that we are providing, go out and get your booster shot before you go out and travel, the added advice of being cautious wherever you are in the world or in Canada.”

The Leader of the Official Opposition is on board with the provincial government’s decision to broaden the eligibility for getting COVID-19 booster shots to 18 and over as of Monday.

Ryan Meili calls it a good thing, and says getting a third dose is essential with the new Omicron variant a reality, showing two shots are less effective than three.

However, there are a few other things on Meili’s list that he would like to see to slow down the virus so we don’t face a potentially very serious fifth wave.

He would like clear, simple guidance from the Sask Party government about Christmas gatherings on whether large gatherings should be considered or keeping to household bubbles.

He suggests the modelling which takes into consideration the new variant should also be publicized, to answer what it could mean for the weeks ahead, and the potential impact on the health care system.

The NDP’s final ask is to see what the plans are, and at what point decisions are made.

Meili gives the example of possible restrictions in the future.

He wants to know if it would happen when a certain number of cases is reached or the number of people in the hospital.

Meili says in the past, including with today’s announcement, it comes as a surprise so there is no ability to plan ahead.




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