Sask. Opposition leader responds Sask. government surgical backlog plan

NDP leader Ryan Meili is calling upon the Sask party to come up with an actual plan to reduce surgical wait times in the province.

Meili called Scott Moe and Paul Merriman’s plan a “back of the napkin” solution, and a request for proposals from the private sector – as opposed to a plan.

The Sask Party’s previous failures on the surgical wait time front was on Meili’s radar. Drawing attention to the fact that wait times have been growing since before the pandemic.

A call for consultation with health care professionals to come up with a plan to address the issue was echoed by Meili, stating that these professionals could help assess the current system and create a plan based on practical knowledge of the system.

“We need to listen to the growing concerns from the experts and medical community and bring those voices to the table to craft a plan that will actually work.”

Surgical wait times in the province are at an all time high – with more than 26,000 residents currently waiting for procedures.

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