Sask. Government releases November report on COVID Vaccination and breakthrough infections

The Saskatchewan government are reminding residents that the vaccine remains the best tool in the fight against COVID-19.

Based on November’s report on COVID vaccination and breakthrough infections, the rate of hospitalization was every 35 out of 100,000 cases for those are unvaccinated as compared to every 6 out of 100,000 cases for those who were vaccinated.

Of those total cases of COVID-19 reported in November 59.6 % were positive or tested positive within their first three weeks

173 individuals were hospitalized with COVID-19 with 67 .1 % being unvaccinated.

43 residents with COVID-19 were admitted to ICU including 62.8 % were unvaccinated.

The provincial government also announced today the last Saskatchewan resident receiving care from Ontario has returned home

27 patients were transferred to Ontario since October. No additional transfers are expected at this time.

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