Buying a beer in Regina could help out the Food Bank

It’s something that hasn’t been done before in Regina, but it is something that a group of Regina bars are doing with the Regina Food Bank to try and fight hunger in the community.

Pile O’Bones Brewing along with Leopold’s Tavern and Victoria’s Tavern are offering up a limited edition “Community Lager” beer with all proceeds going to the Food Bank.

Each pint will provide 24 meals for the organization with 15 meals being provided for each can sold with those being made available at Sobey’s Liquor outlets in the city.










It is a unique promotion that Regina Food Bank CEO John Bailey embraces.

“It’s a win-win as far as I am concerned.” Bailey said. “It’s a nice IPA beer you can enjoy, for folks that want to support the Food Bank there is a win there so I think this is really fantastic and I’m very appreciative for what is being done.  It allows people to support the Food Bank in a different way so if its successful and if our partners are willing, we can expand it moving forward.

Demand for the foodbank is one that keeps growing with an estimated 9,000 people in need each month with nearly 45 percent of users being children.

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