Be aware and pass with care when snowplows are operating on the highways

With Saskatchewan beginning to experience the winter season. The provincial government wants to remind us to be aware of the snowplows on the highways.

The Ministry of Highways operates more than 300 snowplows across the province network of 26,000 kms and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Minister of Highways Fred Bradshaw says the operators are ready to start as soon as they can. “They try and get out there as quickly as possible, they have to go when it’s safe and the visibility is okay. Plow operators get out there as quickly as possible.”

Snowplows use blue and amber lights when they are plowing, salting or sanding roads to increase visibility. Bradshaw says that the lights are easy to see. “We changed the lights so when we put on those flashing blue lights along with the amber lights they are very visible you can see them miles away.”

Mini blizzards, also known as snow zones can be created by snowplows which reduces visibility. Bradshaw says that snowplows will pass every 10 kms to allow traffic to move.

Before heading out on the roads in the province after a storm, residents are advised to check the highway hotline to see the latest conditions.

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