Meili seeks answers on call Moe made to head of group that opposes COVID-19 restrictions

NDP leader Ryan Meili continues to hold Premier Moe’s feet to the fire over a phone call he had with the leader of a group opposing proof of vaccine measures enacted by the government earlier this month

During Question Period, Meili says a number of questions could be asked as to why the Premier is doing this..

“People have driven across every corner of this province to share their story, but they don’t get the Premier’s ear and he turns his back on them.” Meili said. “Why does he have all the time in the world for Unified Grassroots, but he doesn’t have time to talk to people who have had to suffer the consequences of his choices.”

Moe responded by saying he and other MLA’s have reached out to constituents who have had concerns.  Some of those concerns are from people who think the government has gone too far when it comes to their vaccination plan.  He said a couple of MLA’s and a healthcare professional requested that he make this call to United Grassroots head Nadine Ness and that it was just one call he made on the matter.

It left Meili wondering why the government won’t listen to medical professionals, but they will give time to a group that is against vaccines.

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