Independent review and report of city operations finds areas where savings can be found


A City of Regina efficiency review has found 14 areas where $17 million could be saved.

That review which was done independently by Deloitte  looked into six services areas: parks, procurement, fleet, facilities, roadways and information technology.

Mayor Sandra Masters campaigned on performing a review like this with the aim being to find 15 percent in efficiencies. She won’t say if that number has been reached, but she is happy with what she has seen saying it gives the city a gameplan moving forward.

“I think if you do the math on 17 million dollars annually and you net it out, its significant for only six service levels. “Masters said.” I think foundationally what is important is we recognize that there are places where we can better.

Some of those items include reducing operator damage to city equipment; improving civic maintenance operations and monitoring utilities at city locations and act to reduce usage.

The report must be approved by Council at its December meeting which goes on the 8th

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