Card collection market sees boost due to pandemic

If you have a binder full of hockey cards, it might be time to dust them off as sportscard collecting is booming.

Seven of the ten biggest sports cards sales in history have taken place over the past eight months, during that span, the record for the “most expensive card ever sold” has been shattered twice.

Sites like eBay saw the number of trading card transactions in 2020 jump 142 per cent compared to 2019.

As collector Ward Halsted says, it has a lot to do with the pandemic.

“It has reopened their interest, and they’ve taken the time to actually buy online, and they have the time to do the sorting.”

Kalvin Roemer is the owner of Sportsworld Collectibles and said cards are at an all-time high.

“They were good before, but they are even great now, especially in major sports. Basketball number one, Baseball, NFL Football, Soccer, and believe it, not hockey is on the bottom.”

Roemer said that the young generation is getting involved.

“We are getting lots of new fresh young blood because they’re following hockey with superstars like McDavid, and then some of the guys were watching Crosby, and so now they are getting into cards or memorabilia.”

“The hobby has been around for a long, long time, you know it goes peaks and valleys like everything and right now we are really high,” he continued. “Before the pandemic, yeah, it was good, but most of my clientele was 40 and up, but now it’s kind of switched a bit because the older guys are still there, but we are getting lots of new blood.”

As for the future, Roemer said he is hopeful that the younger generation continues their interest.


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