Out-of-province hospitalizations costing Sask. government close to $800,000

A decision to try and help relieve the stress on hospitals in the province will be costing Saskatchewan.

The Government of Saskatchewan is being billed with some of the costs associated with COVID-19 patient transfers to Ontario hospitals.

So far, ICU patient transfers to Ontario have cost the Government of Saskatchewan $787,532, not including the cost of their hospital stay or flight home.

Earlier this year, 27 acutely ill residents were transferred to Ontario intensive care units to relieve pressure on Saskatchewan’s hospitals.

According to data from the government, 25 patients were airlifted to Ontario at $25,800 per patient. According to the Minister of Health, the province won’t be billed until all Saskatchewan patients have been repatriated.

Currently, three Saskatchewan residents are still being treated out-of-province.

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