Despite Omicron uncertainty Health Minister says vaccines still best defense against COVID-19

With uncertainty surrounding the new Omicron COVID-19 variant, Health Minister Paul Merriman, says for now vaccines are still the best protection.

In Saskatchewan seniors 65 and up are currently able to get a booster, once six months since their second dose of vaccine has passed.

After Question Period Monday, Merriman said they believe vaccines will continue to be the best defense.

“It is important to get that booster shot, as soon as you’re eligible get in.” he said. “This our best defense against any variant that’s coming out,” Merriman added.

As of Monday night, five Omicron cases have been found in Canada, all in Ontario and Quebec.

With a group of South African travelers in Alberta isolating as a precaution.

Doctors and scientists don’t yet know how transmissible the variant is, or if vaccines will protect from it.

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