Surgical backlog discussed during Monday’s Question Period

With the majority of surgical staff being redeployed back to their original positions after helping out with overcrowded ICUs, the provincial opposition wondered how the provincial government would reduce the surgical backlog during Monday’s question period.

Premier Scott Moe acknowledged that the surgical wait list has increased to over 35,000 in Saskatchewan.

93% of eligible medical staff have been redeployed to their original position according to Health Minister Paul Merriman, he added that they will be used to help out with the surgical backlog that the province is facing.

The province will also be looking at using innovative ways to help lessen the waitlist for surgeries, Merriman said they will possibly be looking at the private sector partners for support by performing surgeries, scans and therapies that are needed to reduce the waitlist.

The Premier noted the province has faced a backlog problem in the past but have been able to overcome that issue and says they will be able to do it once again.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili says the exceeding surgical backlog in Saskatchewan is another example of the province’s mismanagement during the pandemic which includes lowest vaccination rates and highest death rates in the country.

A plan to reduce the surgical backlog is needed as he anticipates surgical back log in the province to exceed 40,000 in the coming months according to Meili.

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