play 92’s Mark and Jess are Camping for Carmichael Outreach after last weekend’s robbery

After a recent robbery at Regina’s Carmichael Outreach, where donation money and staff laptops were stolen, two members from one of 620 CKRM’s sister stations have decided to step up to help out.

play 92’s Mark and Jess, will be camping out at Victoria Square Shopping Centre,  beginning at noon on Friday, until they’ve raised at least $10,000 for Carmichael Outreach.

Donations can be made in person, or by going to the play 92 website.

Anyone who donates $200 or more will be given two tickets to Sunday’s western semi final between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Calgary Stampeders, courtesy of the Riders and play 92.

Donations up to $5,000 will also be matched by Fries Tallman Lumber and Sthamann Homes.

“When we read Carmichael was robbed, our hearts broke. So we came up with a way to try and help them recover some of the funds that were taken,” Frost said.

“We are just fortunate that where we are sleeping is warm and dry and we know it isn’t like that for many of the people in Regina who rely on the services of Carmichael Outreach. We truly hope that we can help raise some much-needed funds with this initiative,” Johnston added.

Carmichael Outreach’s Aurora Marinari said if there’s been a silver lining to a bad situation, it’s been witnessing the support from the community and groups like play 92.

“We’ve definitely seen how everyone has come together to really support us throughout everything, so that’s been really wonderful to see,” she said. “It really highlights just how important community is to Saskatchewan people.”

On top of monetary donations Marinari said that warm winter clothes, particularly those for men, are in high demand right now.

Carmichael Outreach has been working to help Regina’s less fortunate since 1988.


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