City approves Fire Master Plan

The City of Regina has approved the Regina Fire and Protective Services (RFPS) Fire Master Plan (FMP).

The plan is a blueprint for decision-making and a guide to position fire services for the community and economic growth over the next 25 years. It is the first master plan for RFPS and took two years to create.

The plan presents eight strategic categories and 39 tactical recommendations to guide progress in areas as:

Regionalization and Partnerships: The Department explores partnerships where benefits such as cost-saving and improved efficiency may be found in order to better serve the community.

Department Communications: The Department build upon its reputation in the community through a larger social media presence and formal public information programs.

Emergency Preparedness: The Department should continue to advance the Emergency Preparedness Program throughout the Department and the City of Regina.

Diversity and Inclusion: The Department pursues recruitment processes that support its diversity and inclusion goals.

Safety: The Department should continue to enhance and reinforce its safety initiatives for the community, strategic and firefighter safety

Training, Workforce Development, and Succession Planning: The Department conducts regular reviews of workforce development, training and succession planning to ensure continuous improvement and benefits realization.

Future Service Level Enhancements/Resourcing: The Department implement a long-range plan for fire stations, equipment and personnel to respond to the fire services needs of the community as it grows.

Regina Fire Cheif Layne Jackson said that this plan allows the RFPS have a clear direction as to where they are going and want to achieve.

“It gives us a roadmap in the future,” he said. “It allows the department to use this to bring business cases forward and gives the date to support what’s coming forward, and there are not as many surprises. We want to work collaboratively with council, with partners in the community, so it just allows that open book that everybody can see what the study and what the evaluations were and what the recommendations are.”

He added that will such a long-term plan, it will change based on how the City of Regina changes.

The full 213-page report can be viewed at

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