Province-Wide Project To Find Solutions For Homelessness

Because of a lack of funding, a University of Saskatchewan-led homelessness mitigation project has come to the end of the road, but another research project is in its place. College of Nursing professor and researcher, Dr. June Anonson, says the rate of homelessness in Saskatchewan is well above the national average. There are more people on the streets than ever before, and many are young people.
She says, “It’s embarrassing what Saskatchewan has not done for its homeless population.”

Although there is no more funding for the mitigation project, Anonson considers it a success, because it brought more education and awareness about the issue. The next step is a new province-wide Pathways To Equity project, which is funded by an anonymous donor.
It will explore homelessness, social justice, education and health. The goal is to build relationships and partnerships and to launch new research projects through the Pathways To Equity donor.


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