Moe and Meili react to throne speech from Federal Government

The Premier of Saskatchewan and the leader of opposition haven’t found much common ground lately, but one thing that they agreed on that were a couple omissions from the Throne Speech that was delivered by the Federal Government on Tuesday.

Premier Scott Moe and NDP Leader Ryan Meili both agreed that more support is needed from the Federal Government to health care systems across the country including Saskatchewan.

“The Federal Government is not a fully funded partner of health care with the provinces and territories across this nation, down near 20% is the federal share.” The Premier added that his counterparts across Canada have asked that share to be increased to 35% which would make the Federal Government a true partner.

Along with the lack of support for health care, Meili would like to see more of a commitment to Pharmacare from the federal government. “We know that drugs are a huge cost for families, the tens of thousands of families across this country that are having to decide to forego their rent or groceries to pay for medication or vice versa, it shouldn’t be that way, it’s costly.”

Another notable omission from the throne speech from the Premier was the lack of measures from the Federal Government to accelerate an economic recovery across the country.

The throne speech from the Federal Government gave a similar reaction for Moe as the Federal Election from November. “We had an election for all intent of purposes had the same result as we went into it that in so many ways was a pointless election, I think in some ways a pointless speech from the throne as well.”


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