Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation welcomes children’s COVID-19 vaccine for ages five to 11

The Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation is glad to see a vaccine approved for use in Canada for children ages five to 11.

President Patrick Maze says teachers have been looking forward to this.

“Teachers and schools in particular are one area of society in Saskatchewan that haven’t been able to do proper social distancing since the pandemic began, and so teachers have felt vulnerable.” Maze said. “Knowing that more people in our schools will be vaccinated is very welcome news.”

Maze says how successful this vaccine rollout depends on how many kids end up getting the shot.

“We’re hoping that government is going to strongly encourage — possibly even mandate — that you must get vaccinated in order to attend schools,” Maze said. “Regardless, if parents understand the importance of getting their children vaccinated, then it will make a huge difference.”

Maze says he hopes the next step sees students showing proof of vaccination before attending in-person classes.

“The minister (of education) has been saying that ‘we can’t deny students their right to an education,’ nobody is saying that,” Maze said. “We’re saying that students who choose not to get vaccinated may need to access online education until they make the right choice and get vaccinated, so to keep everyone safe, make sure everyone who is receiving face-to-face learning is vaccinated.”

The Pfizer vaccine given to kids will be a third of the size given to those 12 and older. 2.9 million doses have been ordered by the Canadian federal government.

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