New affordable housing project sees Sask. Housing wanting to partner with community organizations

The Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (SHC) are looking for possible ideas and partners to create affordable housing in the province.

Social Services Minister Lori Carr says they are looking for proposals for innovative housing ideas for hard to house individuals . “Whether that be low income people, people with disabilities possibly people with addictions and the housing that we are looking for can be a new build, it can be a renovation, it can be taking a commercial and turning it into a residential , whatever the case might be we’re just open to any kinds of ideas.”

The SHC is looking to work with community organizations to provide affordable housing in Saskatchewan according to Carr “We are looking at innovative ways that we can work with community based partners on some of those if they are definitely open, in fact with this application, someone can look at one of our housing units and say we could use that unit in this way and this is how we’re going to do it.”

Opposition Critic for Housing Meara Conway says the with proposals being accepted until January, the provincial government is not providing immediate action, which is what is needed the most right now.

“We have 3,000 empty housing units across the province, hundreds right here in Regina, hundreds in Saskatoon and we need those units to be made available now with supported housing.”

Organizations are invited to submit a proposal outlining their project, which will be evaluated by SHC. Following the evaluation, successful organizations will be invited to apply for capital funding.

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