185 more positive cases of COVID-19 confirmed

One hundred eighty-five more cases of COVID-19 were confirmed by the province today.

Along with the new cases. Sixty-eight people who live in Saskatchewan tested positive for the virus somewhere else, raising the active case total of 1,167.

The new cases are located in the Far North West (6), Far North East (5), North West (29), North Central (24), North East (3), Saskatoon (34), Central West (2), Central East (10), Regina (32), South West (7), South Central (3) and South East (27) zones.

Two more people die due to COVID-19 bringing the province’s total to 910.

A total of 155 individuals are hospitalized, including 116 inpatient hospitalizations and 39 ICU hospitalizations. There are also nine residents receiving out-of-province care in the hospital.

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