Sask. trucking one of many industries feeling effects of B.C. floods

The floods and mudslides in British Columbia have caused massive amounts of damage and devastation, with a cascade effect being felt in Saskatchewan.

The impact of the natural disasters will be felt by many out side of B.C. as truckers going both to and from Canada’s most western province will be unable to complete their routes.

Susan Ewart, the executive director with the Saskatchewan Trucking Association, said the damage to roadways has left many truckers stranded.

“Well definitely there will be some supply chain impacts with the flooding that’s happened,” she said. “A lot of the main roadways that are connectors to the east and west have been affected, including of course the Trans-Canada Highway,” Ewart added.

Ewart also said they’ve been in talks with the B.C. Trucking Association, as well as many other agencies to try and find alternative routes for truckers.

However she mentions that it will be awhile before things get going fully once again.

“Everyone is working as quickly as possible in order to come up with some solutions to see how things are going to be able to keep moving, but it’s not a week until there’s a solution, most of these roads will not be open for months,” Ewart said.

At least one person has died, while four others are missing. Thousands of livestock have also perished.

B.C. declared a provincial state of emergency earlier this week.




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