International Trade Centre gets new name

The International Trade Centre located in Evraz Place has a new name.

The centre will now have Viterra attached to the front of its name, making it the Viterra International Trade Centre.

The naming comes after an agreement between REAL and Viterra that will last for the next ten years.

Tim Reid, the president and CEO with REAL, said though this partnership helps them financially, it’s not all about that.

“The reality of it is, naming rights and partnerships are the signal most profitable piece of our business, but most importantly what it means is we have cooperated partners that call Regina home, that is headquartered in Regina, that are buying into our future as well as there’s,” he said. “They recognize the value of this location as a great community hub, how it enhances the quality of life within our city.”

“There are two pieces, there is the one that is financial, which is the signal largest naming rights partner we have, but more importantly I think it has a large cooperate partner, partnering with a not-for-profit organization to work together for the next decade to make Region an even better place to live, work, and play,” Reid continued.

Kyle Jeworski, the CEO and President of Viterra for North America, said that having an international centre named after them makes perfect sense.

“You think of what we do as an organization for over 100 years is facilitate trade. Our jobs are to really bring buyers and sellers together, create opportunities where were ae feeding the world, and we think that it is so fitting for us to be part of an International Trade Centre such as this.”

Jeworski said that this is another opportunity for them to give back to the community.

“We see this as a central point for the community, but also supporting our ag, and our ag trade,” he said. “We have the luxury in Canada with 35 million people of having an abundance of agricultural products that we take to over 60 different countries, and we think for us, this is a great mechanism to bring buyers and sellers together to create economic value on both sides of the equation.”

The centre is 150,000 squarer feet of indoor multi-purpose event space that cost $37 million to build back in 2017.

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