City of Regina says residential plow will not happen after this weeks’ blizzard

Despite several calls from residents who were stuck on their streets in the aftermath of this weeks’ blizzard and more than a hand full of large drifts, the City of Regina says a residential plow will not take place.

In an email from the city, officials say residential plows only take place when a snowfall event is 15 cm’s or greater.

Regina received about 10 cm’s of snow this week according to the City, however strong wind gusts around 90 km/h created large drifts on many residential streets, making life tough for some who could not get off their street due to the accumulation.

A reminder though that the City’s “snow routes” are in effect until 6:00 a.m. Friday morning.

Streets with the blue sign with a snow flake on it are considered snow routes.

Street parking is prohibited while snow routes are in effect.


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