Storm set to dispel later this evening

The storm that hit Regina yesterday and earlier this morning looks like it will be coming to an end.

Environment Canada is forecasting that the high winds and blowing snow that caused havoc on the highways and in Regina and area should dissipate.

“The low-pressure system that was responsible has pulled off into Manitoba,” said Terri Lang, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. “We still have some flurry activity kind of lingering in-behind, and we still have some strong gusty winds that are causing some havoc still over southeastern parts of the province.”

Winds in Regina set records yesterday, with the maximum wind speed hitting 68 km/h and the maximum wind gust hitting 93 km/h.

Lang said that things should start improving by the end of the workday.

“The wind should die down; the flurries should pull out. Then we will kind of really see the cooler air settling in and some higher wind-chill values in the morning,” she said. “Then we do get some recovery with some warmer temperatures and sunnier skies towards the end of the week.

She added that it’s tough to estimate, but she believes that Regina received around eight centimetres of snow, with that expected to stick around despite temperatures set to be around zero later this week.

“I think there is enough snow, and I think it’s hard enough packed that it’s going to have trouble getting rid of it all,” she said.

She noted that though things are getting better, people looking to travel should still check Highway Hotline before hitting the road.

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