Extra crews being brought in to deal with city streets in wake of blizzard

City of Regina crews have been out 24/7 since this week’s blizzard started doing what they can to keep Regina’s main arteries as clean as can be and make that drive stress-free.

“We have asked for and gotten some reinforcements.” Mayor Sandra Masters said Wednesday afternoon. “With the wind, we have significant drifts piling up on some sidestreets. While we know they are on the main thoroughfares, we are trying to make sure we are getting some people unstuck in the city. ”

With some reports of people unable to get off their streets after the eight centimeters of snow received, Masters was asked about a residential plow occurring.  She could not give an exact answer, but said it would not be immediate

“It is top of mind to get people unstuck and ensuring our streets are clear.” Masters said. “We will have to wait until the snow stops before we make a final decision on that but we are looking at bringing in those reinforcements to get people unstuck.”

Updates on the city’s storm response can be found here.

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