Regina now under blizzard warning

Weather-wise, it is nasty in Saskatchewan on Tuesday as a low pressure system moves into Saskatchewan bringing heavy snow to parts of the province and a strong wind to virtually all of it.

Environment Canada has wind warnings, winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings out for different parts of the province as the system slowly moves across the province,

Meterologist Terri Lang says conditions are deteriorating by the hour and that these conditions will be with us well into Wednesday.

“Conditions will improve from west to east in the overnight period, but it will be around for a better bulk of the day tomorrow especially in the southeast.”  Lang said.  “It is certainly not a time to be travelling as highways will be in terrible shape.”

She says the Regina area, which is under a blizzard warning, can expect at least five centimeters of snow if not more with wind gusts peaking at 90 on Tuesday afternoon and into Tuesday evening before subsiding a little.

As for the roads, the highway hotline says as of Tuesday afternoon there are many highways where a travel not recommended status is attached at this time.


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