City of Regina prepared for winter storm

Highways in and around Regina are closed due to the blizzard that is hitting the Regina area as roads are extremely dangerous.

In Regina, there are icy conditions on streets after the storm blew in Tuesday afternoon putting the city into what they call “storm response” mode as a strong wind is accompanying the snow.

The city says they have been preparing for a winter blast since last month and that their goal is to keep city roads drivable.

“We have approximately 50 pieces of equipment to keep residents safe and traffic moving. “Director of Roadways Tyler Bien said. ” We are working to keep major roads drivable by plowing and also applying ice control at major intersections.  This means we focus on high-speed roads, those with the greatest volume of traffic and our emergency routes.  That pattern will continue until the end of the storm.”

While travel out of the city is not happening due to closed highways, Bien isn’t telling people to stay home on Tuesday night as the blizzard continues, but he is telling people to slow down and drive according to the conditions.  He does say if you are someone who is not comfortable being behind the wheel on a night like this than you should stay home or take Regina Transit or another mode of transportation.

If there is five or more centimeters of snow, a systematic plow will begin starting with Category one roads.

As of 5 p.m., there were a couple of accidents Regina Police were dealing with, but nothing which appeared to be serious in nature.


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