Tire deflation device needed to end Sunday morning incident involving van

A 39-year old man faces charges after an early morning incident Sunday just east of the downtown area.

Police were called to the 900 block of Victoria Avenue around 1 a.m. after receiving a report from someone who said he was walking down the street when a van with two occupants pulled over and threatened him with a firearm before taking some of his belongings.

When they arrived, officers could not find the victim, but they did see a van driving nearby that matched the description given to them by the caller.

An attempt to pull the suspect vehicle over was unsuccessful at first with officers observing the vehicle strike a car on 3rd Avenue North and then drive into oncoming traffic.

The vehicle eventually came to a stop in a parking lot on the 700 block of Broad Street after a tire deflation device was used.

The driver of the vehicle tried to flee, but was apprehended by the canine unit.  A search of the van resulted in multiple bladed weapons being found.

Lindsey Hunter made a court appearance on the matter Monday morning.



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