SGI partners with youth to promote safe driving

SGI is partnering with Saskatchewan youth to talk about young driver safety.

The legal age to get a license is 16, and SGI’s Heather Anderson says they’re distributing resource guides to high schools across the province.

The students will soon be able to access kits include a USB packed with information on running peer-to-peer traffic safety initiatives within their schools.

Anderson says there are a few key areas they’re focusing on.

“Making sure that they’re not distracted, making sure that they’re never impaired before they get behind the wheel, and of course, driving safety,” Anderson said. “This applies to all age groups — not just teens — but we want to make sure that everybody’s using those good habits, but forming them starts at a young age as well.”

She says in 2020, this age group was involved in more than 2,700 collisions, causing 611 injuries and 15 deaths.


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