Anishinabe Nations Treaty Authority disappointed with lack of notice with forestry removal

The Anishinabe Nations Treaty Authority (ANTA) have been frustrated with the provinces lack of notice and informed consent when it comes to allocating forestry licenses.

Forestry companies have been removing an excessive amount of trees that have driven wildlife away.

Administrator Angela Roque says that trap lines have been removed. “They take down trees and they go to places where there are trap lines set up. Organizations that have these licenses issued from the province to actually go and removing trap lines from the area.”

Along with forestry companies, out of area hunters have caused issues according to Roque. “Non Indigenous hunters come into our territory with their 4x4s, their snowmobiles and they chase the game away a lot of the first nations in the area are on foot to try and do the hunting.”

Hunting is very important for the local residents says Roque, noting that because of problems with out of region hunters, they won’t get game for their ceremonies.


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