Organizers of Camp Hope grateful residents won’t have to brave cold weather

The same week Camp Hope was set to pack up its tents, the City of Regina purchased a lease agreement for six months.

The facility, located on Hamilton Street, will be managed by the Regina Treaty Status Indian Services (RTSIS).

Shylo Stevenson, the communications officer for Regina Needle Recovery, said it’s very welcoming news.

“It is a step forward from where we are at,” he said. “Is 40 beds enough, not a chance, is 40 beds better than what we had, hands down. Obviously, there is always room for improvement moving forward but this is a big step in the right direction based on the resources of what’s there for us and other people to come together and work.”

As for what the future will hold for Camp Hope, Stevenson said they are hoping they don’t have to have that discussion next year.

“We hope that this temporary centre moves into a more permanent structure where they can plan more efficiently and properly,” he said. “As for Camp Hope, it’s bittersweet. (It was) a big part of a lot of our volunteers’ lives, and our organizers’ lives. It’s going to be sad to see it go, but at the same time, we are happy that it is coming to an end. The relationships and those familial bonds that we made here will carry on for sure.”

The six-month lease will cost the City of Regina $16,000 a month.

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