Updated laws for speeding and stunting on Saskatchewan’s roads

Amendments to Saskatchewan’s Traffic Safety Act were introduced in the Legislative Assembly to target drivers who speed, stunt or race.

Minister Responsible for SGI Don Morgan says the changes better define what constitutes racing and stunting.

“On the speeding side, it increases penalties for if you’re 30 km/h over, 50 km/h, or double the speed limit, and allows greater ability on the part of the police officers to do a roadside seizure of the vehicle.”

Morgan says they also intend to increase fines for stunting and racing, as well as better defining what stunting and racing is.

“Race, you think of two people going side-by-side. If you have two people at a stop light — maybe they caught up to each other — and if the judge didn’t have all of the information where they were, it was difficult to do it,” Morgan said. “It provides some additional clarity so a judge can say ‘yes, this falls within the definition of a race or speed test.’”

The government expects the amendments to take effect after it is passed in the Legislative Assembly and proclaimed during the spring sitting of the Legislature.


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