Province announces Provincial Protective Services branch

The provincial government believes it will be able to have a smoother streamline of policing with the creation of the Provincial Protective Service Branch.

To increase public safety in Saskatchewan, the province is uniting a few policing agencies under one branch.

The Provincial Protective Service will include conservation officers, highway patrol, community safety officers, court security deputy sheriffs and inmate officers.

The move is being done to address operational gaps and jurisdiction issues that result from having separate command structures.

Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Christine Tell says each policing agency will continue with their regular duties. “We’re bringing together peace officers, special constables, whatever the case need be, each one has a special designation that will assist the RCMP.”

Inmate transport responsibilities will shifting with the creation of the Provincial Protective Service. Provincial Inmate Transport and court security will assume the duties from the RCMP.

The transition of the singular program will begin next year.

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