One day conference seeks ways to get Regina’s tourism industry going again

Stakeholders in Regina’s business and tourism sectors got together this week for a one day conference called “Collaborate and Connect”/

The event brings both together to find ways to get people not only outside of the city interested in what Regina can offer, but inside the city as well.

Tourism Regina’s Chelsea Galloway feels many in our city forget what is in our own backyard at times.

“I think that people sometimes don’t realize how much we have here.” Galloway says. “I think a lot of times people will go to a bigger city and say I wish our city had that and our city is boring, but in reality it’s not.  If you actually take a look and try new restaurants, visit new shops, go to our attractions, you will see we have some pretty amazing things here.  It is a message we need to get to people both out of city, but in-city as well.

Galloway says one idea planned is having black cowboy hats being made available around the city when Agribition arrives later this month. She says they also want to create a saloon tour to give the annual event. which sees many come to Regina, feel like the Calgary Stampede.

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