U of Regina officially welcome Student Wellness Centre

The University of Regina unveiled a new tool for its students that will provide a unique learning experience.

The Student Wellness Centre at the University of Regina held its grand opening Friday morning. The Student Wellness Centre in Regina is the first in Canada that will be run by nurse practitioners from the Faculty of Nursing.

University of Regina President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Jeff Keshen says that physically and mentally healthy students at the University are also successful students. “State of the art exam rooms and equipment and offers a wide array of services and treatments with fully qualified nurse practitioners that focus on primary health care. It’s the first of its kind in universities across Canada and I bet a lot of them will be copying us soon.”

Much needed mental and physical support for the students on campus will be provided with the addition of Student Wellness Centre according to the President of the Students Union Hannah Tait. “This centre will give us the chance to access health services quickly, effectively and easily and I’m positive that will be a popular service.”

Students will have the opportunity to make diagnosis, prescribe medications, order and interpret diagnostic tests and perform other medical procedures. This will be another tool to keep students in the province after graduation says Minister of Advanced Education, Gene Makowsky. “Not only will the centre be run by nurse practitioners it will also provide healthcare services and treatments to the campus community. In addition it will provide a valuable opportunity for nursing students and other health professional students to gain experiential learning and prepare them for successful career hopefully right here in Saskatchewan.”

The centre has been in use since the end of October and has already seen a strong demand from the student body at the University of Regina.

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