Fourth wave of COVID-19 response questioned in QP proceedings Thursday

The provincial NDP again questioned the Sask. Party government’s response ahead of the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Question Period Thursday.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili says the decisions made by the province put people in danger.

“Does the Premier recognize that his choices in July, August and September — his choices made in the face of overwhelming evidence that it was the wrong path — does he recognize that those choice have left thousands of Saskatchewan people without the care they need?”

Premier Scott Moe says vaccines are the most effective way out of the pandemic, reminding Saskatchewan residents to get vaccinated if they haven’t already done so.

“Vaccines are safe, they’re effective, they’re wildly accessible in communities right across Saskatchewan,” Moe said. “This is why — through our discussions with Dr. Shahab — we moved forward with a proof of vaccination and a proof of negative test policy to ensure safe work places across the province, but also to encourage people that were not vaccinated at that point in time to reconsider their position.”

Currently, Moe says 86 percent of eligible residents have received one dose of vaccine, and over 80 percent of residents are now fully vaccinated.

However, Health Critic Vicki Mowat says the province is not doing enough to protect frontline workers during the fourth wave, and should implement all of the recommendations from the Medical Health Officers in Saskatchewan. Last week, a motion was submitted to do so, but it was defeated.

Education Minister Dustin Duncan says the motion reads that all students 12 years and older would have to be fully vaccinated in order to attend in-person classes or participate in extra curricular activities.

“His (Ryan Meili) position today (Thursday) immediately would see 27,000 students over the age of 12 being removed out of school, being removed out of sports, extra-curricular activity,” Duncan said. “That is not the right plan for the students of this province.”

Duncan says the 27,000 students wouldn’t even include those who come from homes that are not fully vaccinated, who would also have to sit out.

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