Clive Tolley will be Moose Jaw’s next mayor after very close byelection

Mayor-elect Clive Tolley speaks after winning Moose Jaw’s byelection Wednesday night. Photo City of Moose Jaw Facebook page.

After an extremely tight byelection Wednesday night, Clive Tolley has been named Moose Jaw’s next mayor, beating current city councilor Crystal Froese, by just 41 votes.

Tolley, is familiar with Moose Jaw’s city hall, albeit having served on council over 30 years ago.

He’s also a former professional arbitrator and mediator.

Voter turnout was just over 22 percent,  and speaking to reporters Wednesday night, Tolley said that’s something that leaves him with mixed emotions.

“I’ve got mixed feelings, I want to thank those people that did turn out to vote,” he said. “And then I’m a little bit disappointed that we didn’t get a better turn out, this is our city and the decisions that we make at city hall are very important, I’d really like to see more people exercise their right and get involved,” Tolley said.

“During the campaign I said get out and vote, and I told people if you’re bot going to commit to me, at least get out and vote and express your opinion and have a role to play in the process,” Tolley added. “So, I’m hoping to engage as many people as possible in the time I’m mayor, and hopefully get people reengaged in the community and feeling like that have a say,” he said.

Tolley is expected to be sworn in on Monday and begin mayoral duties that day at Moose Jaw’s next regular meeting of city council.

He’s replacing Fraser Tolmie, who is now the M.P for Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan after a successful campaign this past summer before the September 20 federal election.


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