Anti-vaccine signs in Yorkton target healthcare workers

The Yorkton Regional Health Centre had anti-vaccine signs posted onto its doors and windows recently.

Directed at medical professionals, doctors and nurses, the signs state healthcare workers, “will be put on trial for war crimes & held accountable” and also reference the Nuremberg Code sections one, four ,six, and ten.

The Saskatchewan Union of Nurses shared a photo of the sign on Twitter and condemned the action.

An official at the Yorkton Regional Health Centre said they have submitted security camera footage to the police.

Yorkton MLA Greg Ottenbreit submitted a statement to GX94 News, saying “some people have lost common decency in this pandemic and have allowed themselves to be dragged into the worst conduct and interactions, privately and publicly. Yorkton is lucky to have some phenomenal doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers. I have close family that serve every day in healthcare and I’m thankful for the efforts of all our medical staff.”


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