Work continues on finding better living conditions for Camp Marjorie residents

With the weather getting colder, the concern is rising for the over 100 people who are staying in tents at Camp Marjorie in Regina.

The city has said they are working on securing a location for those people and while one has not been announced yet, Mayor Sandra Masters says work is continuing and that despite what some think, finding that location is not an easy task.

“You have male, female, you have LGBTQ, you have children, families, elderly, disabled.” Masters said.  In terms of creating a priority list,  we are ensuring that we’re servicing the needs and can meet the needs of those folks when we take them inside.”

A Regina Transit bus was at the camp to provide some warmth on Tuesday night which Masters said made sense and that things like that will continue as the temperature dips at night.  She says the city continue to hold dialogue with many stakeholders at several times during the day to make sure any situation is discussed and acted on if possible.

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